A question for the audience – IPOs ?

Before I get to today’s subject, I wanted to pose a question to my readers.

I have a long series of posts I have been thinking about writing. I wanted to look at the late-stage private companies and the process of going public or having an IPO. This is a slightly different subject than I have been writing about, but it is an area where I have a fair amount of experience and think I could probably add some value. For those from the investment community this may not be that revealing. But most of my e-mail subscription list and the readership here are people in the tech community.

I am planning for the series to look at the whole IPO process, from deciding to go public, to the role of all the various constituencies, and then a look at common mistakes made by newly-public companies.  I would like to cover a lot of ground, originally I had thought about writing a book, and maybe this will turn into that.

But before I do any of that, I wanted to poll the audience and see if there any objections. Finding none, I will start a periodic series on the IPO process next week. Speak now, or get ready for your mini-MBA.

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