MWC 2014: Photo Tour

A Brief Photo Tour

I took a few photos of things I thought were interesting but did not fit well in broader topics. First, LG’s Flex Phone, with a huge curved screen. I am not sure how well this will fit in a pocket, but as someone who watches a lot of videos on the road, it certainly has a great screen.

LG’s Flex Phones – featuring curved screens

 LG Flex side view MWC 2014  LG Flex MWC 2014

In terms of a feature I had not realized I needed before seeing them on display, Fujitsu’s “Dust/Water/Alcohol Proof” technology is high on the list. As one person quipped, “Does an alcohol proof phone mean you will never get drunk or that it cures hangovers?”

 Alcohol Proof Phone

One wit asked me if the photo below was part of a dating profile. I found this on display in a Shenzhen-based ODM promoting a wide range of designs on offer. The fact that this is a feature worth promoting…. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let us know if you would like the other version….
 Dating Profile


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