My IPO book is now available on Amazon

Introducing “A Practical Guide to IPOs” by Jonathan Goldberg

 I am excited to announce that I have just published my first book . This a straightforward guide to taking a company public. I have written for senior management and executives at private companies contemplating the grueling process of meeting the Public Markets. It is also an informative view from the inside of these deals come together and how to do them right.
In my time as an analyst, I participated in over 20 IPOs from the research side. I also had a front-row seat for over 100 other deals that my colleagues led. In all too many of those, I saw the same mistakes repeated over and over. That inspired to lay out a better path to successful IPOs.
An IPO is a complex exercise in managing competing interests. Existing shareholders want liquidity after many, patient years. New, public investors want consistency and need to find ways to trust management. Bankers, lawyers and accountants also bring their own needs and expectations. Management teams also face immense demands on their time. Unfortunately, the realities of reaching an IPO tend to favor the short term imperatives of the process, often at the expense of the longer-term needs of the stock and the company. There is a happy path to bridging these divides, and I lay out real-world plans for achieving that.
Much of this will already be familiar to readers of Digits to Dollars, but I have added bonus material with extra chapters reviewing the whole process and setting out a game plan for the first 90 days of life as a public company.
This will be interesting to anyone who works at a company that has gone public, is in the midst of an IPO of is preparing to someday, maybe go public.
You can learn more about the book on my site here.
And you can purchase the book on Amazon here.

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