The Intersection of Business and Technology

I have a new topic that I would like to explore around the management of business and technology, or more specifically what happens when engineers meet business people. This has become an area of deep fascination for me in recent years. I have spent enough time in the corporate world to have some pretty clear opinions on this subject. And I have spent enough time on the Street, looking at business from a very high remove, to have some strong opinions about business trends. My aim is to connect those, and show how small engineering decisions can have big business outcomes.

More abstractly, my goal is to look for some wisdom about how to better manage a technology company. The loose inspiration for this is Rands in Repose. “Rands” is a long time engineering manager at a string of high profile companies. He has written countless insightful pieces not only about managing engineers, but about ways to generally manage people in the modern age. The third edition of his book “Managing Humans” is now in its third edition. The blog and the book are good stuff, you should go read them.

I am planning on creating a series on this topic (and who knows maybe another book). In these posts, I want to focus on managing at the intersection of business and engineering. Not for nothing, I think this can also provide a useful way to think about investing in technology projects or Tech Stocks. These ideas will hopefully mesh well with my Thesis for Tech Investing. However, I want to be clear that these posts are written in a very anonymous way, drawing on my experiences at many companies. So you will not find specific company ideas or data here.

The first piece will come this week. Please let me know your thoughts and areas you would like me to explore.

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